I’m in an in-between space at the moment whilst waiting for results of assessment of my last module so neither one thing nor the other – a pending student. Assessment rules are that no new entries can be made on my current main blog for the time being, yet I’m still reading, thinking, having new ideas. Where to put them? At present I’m surrounded by many pieces of paper, gathered together in topic groups, plus my Landscape ‘journal’ also stuffed with out of order writings, small images/ photographs and newspaper clippings etc. I have a heap of sketchbooks too – all intended for different purposes. I need to get some kind of order into my thinking life. Hence the idea of a new blog which will act as a butterfly net for ideas floating around in my head, often very early in the morning, which then float off again.

Blogs need a name as well as an owner. As a photography student I’ve struggled with the term ‘sketchbooks’ as applied to these studies; probably because I’m too literal and, to me, a sketchbook implies something containing paintings, drawings, collages etc as kept by an ‘artist’ rather than photographs. A ‘journal’ says writing to me.  The idea of a commonplace book came into mind.


Commonplace books date back to the Middle Ages.  They contain a selection of writings, illustrations or other material, classified and organised,  which the maker wishes to keep as an aide memoire or reference (see here) .  ‘Commonplace’ seems a contradiction as each such book is a personal collection, stamped with the unique personality of each person and a repository for whatever they think is important to record.  This site is a useful one to read too  .  Basically, a blog is a contemporary version of a commonplace book, perhaps alongside visual sites such as Pinterest and Are.na

Welcome to my new blog.






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